startx fails to load any video driver module, usually because of "undefined symbol"



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I have an intel skylake i5 3.3GHz processor and it used to work with drm-devel-kmod and xorg-minimal.

I have the default generic kernel but I have found that the packages do not work unless build them myself. I have built xorg-minimal and drm-kmod but whenever I try startx it fails to load vesa, scfb and modesetting as autoconfigured.

It finds both my screens but when
LoadModule: "modesetting"
(EE) Failed to load /.../
Failed to load /usr/local/lib/xorg/.../ Undefined symbol "glamor_supports_pixmap_import_export"

LoadModule: "scfb"
Warning cloudn't open module scfb

which is to be excepted as I have not done anything for it to be on my system

LoadModule: "vesa"
Failed to load /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ Undefined symbol "VBEExtendedInit"

Previously I did not require any "xf86-dri..." type packets and I hope to keep it that way.

The last error I get is "(EE) No drivers avaible."

How is this even possible?

I have removed xorg-minimal and other related port packets and ran pkg autoremove && make clean && pkg clean && pkg autoremove && make clean just to be really sure everything was removed. Then I reinstalled affected ports and the results is the same.

Again it finds the screens but it cannot load any driver modules.


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Just out of curiosity, what is the output of
readelf -s /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/ | grep glamor_supports

Also which RELEASE are you using ?
What drm-kmod version are installed ?
pkg info -a | grep drm

kldstat -v | grep i915