ZFS SMI-S Support in FreeBSD


Looking for some information on SMI-S support within FreeBSD. I’m looking at testing presenting some storage to SCVMM (System Centre Virtual Machine Manager) which uses SMI-S for automation etc.

If it’s supported I’ll go for ZFS and create some zpools and present some storage for testing.

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Feel free to move to an application type forum if I've posted it wrong :)
As far as I understood it SMI-S has nothing to do with filesystems. It's a protocol a client (the hypervisor manager) uses to talk to a storage server to add/modify/etc storage space. How exactly things are stored on the storage server itself is irrelevant.

And as far as I know SMI-S is supported by parties like EMC, NetApp, QNAP, etc. on their enterprise-grade storage solutions. I could not find an application providing this for FreeBSD, Linux or any other OS.
Correct it’s not directly related to storage but the ability to manage storage via other applications, I wasn’t sure which forum to place this in.

I’ve had no look myself so planning on doing things differently.
Well, it is related to storage so it's fine here. After a search (I had to look up what SMI-S was first) I just could not find an application or service you can install to provide this on a basic server. Would be interesting to have this running on FreeBSD though, might make a cool Summer of Code project for someone ;)

Just in case someone is interested: https://www.snia.org/tech_activities/standards/curr_standards/smi
Yes it would be a good step to have it put in, given that this SMI-S is being spread around more enterprise devices.