Solved rsync on FreeBSD Live-CD - possible?


I have virtual drive with UFS partitions, I need to boot Live-CD and use rsync to COPY files from remote server to this virtual HDD ("clone" the system). I want to boot from this virtual HDD (I'm using Virtualbox).
So the only one obstacle is that none of the .iso-files (*dvd1.iso and so on) contain the key part: rsync. I can try to use dump/restore but is there a way to INSTALL software to Live system?

dhclient em0
mkdir /tmp/etc
mount_unionfs /tmp/etc /etc
echo "nameserver" >> /tmp/etc/resolv.conf
ee /etc/ssh/sshd_config
"#PermitRootLogin no" -> "PermitRootLogin yes"
/etc/rc.d/sshd onestart

SSH works, but I need rsync....
Does pkg install rsync not work?
No, because FS is R/O. But you are genius. I've downloaded the package, extracted and mounted it:
mount_unionfs /tmp/usr /usr. Looks like it works. I will run some test later. Thank you!
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