ZFS retaining /home after reinstall on zfs

I'm new to FreeBSD and for the moment it seems easier to reinstall to a known condition after battling with xorg for a while. I had a fully working system and all of a sudden X does not find my video card. Not sure if it was related to trying to get some Wine up and running. Anyway, I've decided that I can get a working system with a scratch install.

My question is, can I save, or retain, my home dir under ZFS and get it back after re-installing FreeBSD?

There is a lot of data that I had to copy over from Linux which I don't really want to do all over. Seems I might be able to create a copy which can then be used. I have three drives in a raidz-1 config. I've used 201G and have 663G available.
I'm trying zfs send. if it creates a copy in my new pool on another drive then it should be available from all I can tell.