Solved Recommend order for a tri-boot setup?

Hi everyone,

I am new, I am finally taking the plunge and going to try FreeBSD (upon the recommendation of a telecom IT guy I know.)

I want to do a tri-boot setup... Windows 10 + Linux (which has been my primary OS since '09) + FreeBSD.

My question is is there a particular order that I should install these in or anything else I should be aware of? I am pretty certain Windows should be installed first, like in a Windows & Linux dual-boot. But does it matter what order I install Linux and FreeBSD in?

Thanks guys! :)
I am pretty certain Windows should be installed first
Definitely! It overwrites MBR and even changes the partitions' numbers!

The FreeBSD boot manager should recognize your Linux if it's on a primary partition.
I haven't tried Linux/FreeBSD combination, but would go that way: using FreeBSD boot manager to boot all.
You can do it from Linux too, here is the Grub2 instructions.

Also installing Windows 7 on GPT is not always possible, you probably want to use MBR. If you install FreeBSD as the first OS, by default it will use GPT.