Python, xorg and others with GPL dependencies.



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I mean specifically Trac and Moin, which I was foolish enough to install and use.
You mean www/moinmoin? That surprises me. Both are widely used (EDIT e.g. FreeBSD wiki). I visited some sites that used the one or the other in the past, and I found them very usable. Did you install the latest, bright shiny new versions? Then, naturally, as with every software, one has to expect more bugs than in an older, stabilized versions. I don't want to blame anyone, but from my experience I can tell that sometimes the default installations of ports contain simple bugs introduced by the port maintainers and can be fixed more or less easily.



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And as contrary as I expected, it works without any extra port dependency, of course there will be missing functionality, but the core works.
Great, that is good to hear. It should be noted that FreeBSD ports / packages do tend to bring in a little more dependencies than they should because they try to enable a broad selection of functionality to make them generic enough for use for everyone. I do see the reasoning behind this, it can just be a little annoying sometimes.

You mean www/moinmoin? That surprises me.
Yes, that one is still using the "obsolete" Python 2.x

Trac and Moin are also pretty much the projects that convinced me that Python is something to avoid. I hear so many people saying "Hah the Python 2->3 breakage is nothing, everyone has updated" and yet the *only* two projects I needed happened to not support Python 3. Nice.

Bring on Python 4. At least now I can watch the mad shuffle from the sidelines ;)