Port management via SVN only

I'm trying to get down to a bit of development for FreeBSD as I have done for Fedora and Arch Linux previously and I'm curious about SVN/Subversion for managing the Ports Collection.

So far, I only worked with GIT, though this helped me enough to do svn checkout of the Ports Tree to /usr/ports. It's easy to search for ports either using whereis <ports_name> or make search name=<ports_name>. svn up also provides me with details on file updates since the last checked revision number.

1. Are there some SVN tools to perform more global searches akin to ports-mgmt/portmaster that would consider the whole /usr/ports dir and present me with details about the port in question?

2. Is it possible to somehow use SVN (or at least make targets) and globally check for port version changes?

The reason I'm asking is that I would like to have a more fine-grained control of what's going on in the Ports Tree so that when I later decide to contribute my own ports, I will be able to track the history of dependencies via SVN also.