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  1. Rob215x

    What's the best way to update all ports after upgrading from FreeBSD 11 to 12?

    Synopsis: I have 3 web servers running FreeBSD 11.4 and I want to upgrade them to 12.2. I upgraded one last night and ran into some issues I've never seen before in past FreeBSD updates. I'm always trying to learn new things and I figured maybe I haven't been doing things properly in the past...
  2. M

    Solved Mismatch between ports collection and packages repository

    Hello, I'm trying to install urbackup-server package on 11.1-RELEASE system and I get this error: But FreshPorts says that indeed there is archivers/urbackup-server port. It was added to the ports collection on April 15 so I guess the problem is that it takes time to build packages. And here...
  3. olihough

    Solved Installing Git from ports collection

    Hi, I've having some trouble installing Git from the ports tree, everything goes well and then at the very end this happens, I've searched around but I cant get my head around what is going wrong. Can somone point me in the right direction please FreeBSD 10.3 (recently updated from 10.0, not...
  4. Preacher

    Qjail and listing ports to be updated.

    I am using sysutils/qjail for my jails (qjail-5.0). My host system is: FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE. Normally I would fetch the hosts' ports tree: portsnap fetch update Then I would update the ports tree of the jails: qjail update -p I would normally then be able to list packages which could be...
  5. A

    Port management via SVN only

    I'm trying to get down to a bit of development for FreeBSD as I have done for Fedora and Arch Linux previously and I'm curious about SVN/Subversion for managing the Ports Collection. So far, I only worked with GIT, though this helped me enough to do svn checkout of the Ports Tree to /usr/ports...
  6. F

    Solved Portsnap snapshot is corrupt

    Recently I have been having issues with updating ports tree with portsnap on FreeBSD 10.3. The common issue I run into is when executing#portsnap fetch update we receive a metadata is corruptSimply running #portsnap fetch update again seems to resolve this issue. Today, however, I ran into the...