pkg update error


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I've been running into this with 12.0-RELEASE to 12.1-RELEASE and freebsd-update

After a lot of frustration, I've had some success with (using the repo of your architecture and quarterly/latest choice)

sudo pkg add -f pkg-1.14.2.txz  

pkg-add(8) suggests that

sudo pkg add -f

would work as a one-liner, though I have not now tried it successfully.

Thank you in advance.
I have a freebsd box last active in 2019.04 12.0R, your solution help me a lot, it working now.


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I'm running into FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE r341991 amd64.
FreeBSD 12.0 is end-of-life since February 2020. 12.0-STABLE doesn't exist anymore, -STABLE moved on, it's 12.2-STABLE now. But I suggest you take this opportunity to do a source upgrade to releng/12.2. From that point onward you can use freebsd-update(8) to keep your system updated. -STABLE can only be updated/upgraded by building from source.

Issuing "# pkg bootstrap -f" make the pkg update work again.
Packages are built for 12.2, so this is going to cause problems for you.


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I also hit this updating FreeBSD 12.0 with a 2019Q3 cut (my own poudriere) to 2021Q1.
pkg add -f pkg-1.16.3.txz (downloaded locally) did indeed do the trick.

Usually, it's enough to extract pkg-static and run with that. But not this time.