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Is it possible to refer to a line within a review without using Phabricator itself to comment upon the line?

Here, for example:

I began this in the Off-Topic area only because there's no suitable category.

Please offer answers that will be useful.

View Options, Veiw standalone is a start

Thank you.

<> has no visible anchors.

Extensions such as Display #Anchors can help to plug the gap in functionality, for example:


– so I can get <>

The corresponding URL within the review – not easily discoverable – is:


Unfortunately, Phabricator neither scrolls to the file, nor shows the line. Instead, it seems necessary to:
  1. manually find the file within the page
  2. click Load File
  3. sometimes, also go to the address bar i.e. Control-L
  4. key Return or Enter for Phabricator to scroll to the line without reloading the page
  5. the drop-down header of Phabricator makes the line invisible
  6. scroll up to reveal what was hidden by the header.
Line 58 (and much of line 59) hidden by the header, with Firefox 93 in safe mode: