1. grahamperrin

    Phabricator and beyond

    General discussion. Is it possible to refer to a line within a review without using Phabricator itself to comment upon the line? Here, for example:
  2. F

    Package marked as broken, install from Github source?

    I have a package that fails to build in my Poudriere repository, databases/postgresql-plv8js, due to it being marked as broken. Unfortunately this is a required package for the piece of ERP software the PostgreSQL database is built for. I have found the Github source for plv8 and I'm trying to...
  3. samTopaz

    Other Can't get git to not ask for a password when pushing to Github.

    Hello, I've been trying to setup SSH keys with git so that I can push to Github without a password. But it doesn't seem to be working. So far I've generated a public private key pair using the command: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" (with my personal email of course.) I...
  4. F

    Solved Steps from source code to tar.gz

    I want to know what to do from having a program (all of the file)on GitHub to building and compiling with cc on FreeBSD. What is source code? And how do I get from that to an executable and start a program?
  5. A

    Cirrus-CI: Free FreeBSD CI testing for open-source projects

    Cirrus Labs has just released support for FreeBSD on their CI service. And they've made it free for OSS! Cirrus-CI is a cloud-based CI system for cloud-hosted software, much like Travis-CI, Appveyor, Circle-CI, etc. But it's the first* such system to support FreeBSD with no weird hacks...
  6. W

    How to set up SSH for both github and bitbucket?

    I have FreeBSD 10.3 AMD64. I have a github account, but I thought I would like a private repo as well, so I got a bitbucket account. I set up ssh for bitbucket, and would like to do so for github as well. But how will git not become confused as to which remote I am trying to sync with? I...
  7. fnoyanisi

    FreeBSD source on GitHub and overall development model

    Hi folks, Just to figure out the overall development model for FreeBSD project (I read the project model for FreeBSD book) and have a few questions, or points to clarify I would say... First of all, what I understand from the FreeBSD project model book is that bugzilla is used to report bugs...