UFS mount pending error


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Does this mean it is time to look for a new disk?

System has taken a couple of bounces the last couple of days. Ssh and NFS recover nicely, so it might have done a lot more bounces as I was not near the sustem for a week and a half.

From dmesg.today:
Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ada0p2 [rw,noatime]...
WARNING: / was not properly dismounted
WARNING: /: mount pending error: blocks 8 files 0


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When the system instantly shuts down (for whatever reason) the filesystem will be in a "dirty" state. When you boot a fsck(8) is run in the background but sometimes it's not able to fix things this way. Boot to single user mode and run fsck(8) by hand. In single user mode the root filesystem is mounted read-only and fsck(8) can fix more serious types of errors. Try that first. Then install sysutils/smartmontools and look at the SMART data of the disk. That will tell you if the disk is starting to get bad or if it's just a result of a bunch of power outages.