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Modem/Router running FreeBSD or OpenBSD?


Son of Beastie

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Lot of 5 Caswell Atom Pineview D510 boxes for cheap with 4 Intel Gigabit LAN interfaces. No Video Output.
Serial Console only unless you add a VGA output to the header. Case knockout provided.

I bought 5 of the CAD-205 which is the same without the drive bay.

Note these won't work on newest pfSense, the new pfSense releases require AES-NI on the CPU.

The boxes in the auction are 'as-is' but I am a betting man and I bet you wipe the SD card and it boots FreeBSD.

These have Bypass ports on by default so you need to go into bios and disable that if you want to use all 4 ports.


Son of Beastie

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Sophos has an active community with a free version and paid. So lots on ebay for cheap from people who can't figure it out.

Their newer devices are x86 devices. Nexcom is their OEM.

Here is their Pineview Atom. UTM 110/120

Something newer with a C2558 CPU--SG135rev.2:

The firewall makers are mum about the hardware in their rigs.
They like to throw out networking figures and not talk hardware.
My resources for Astaro/Sophos/Checkpoint:


Aspiring Daemon

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The thing that I find strange is price. They seem to be all over the place.
I do not know how the IT market works, but often on others markets the retailers buy products from the maker with 40% off the street price (the actual price expected the product to be sold, not the list price). Big retailers/distributors sometimes manage to acquire products up to 70% off of the street price.
I'm late to the discussion, but here goes. For the above two comments, the big vendors offer pricing discounts based on volume. So some sellers can offer significantly lower pricing because they get significantly higher discounts.

I am curious to hear from SirDice as to whether you can still use the EOL Juniper device.
I'm hurt that you would not ask for me, a networking guy, to chime in. hehe
Vendors like Juniper typically don't declare a product EoL. Instead they declare End of Sale, and End of Support. After End of Sale you can still buy support. After End of Support you cannot buy support for it. But the Juniper devices are solid. They can run years after. But the important thing to ask youself is what happens if me EoS router dies at 2:00am and I have no spare. So always evaluate your real requirements, ask yourself what is the the problem you are trying to fix, and buy the appropriate amount of support and/or sparing.

My requirements are:
  • Can do WiFi and Ethernet with at least 5 ports
  • Allows for root console access or has a SUPER rich web interface
  • Can run a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel (Uses IP protocol 41)
  • Can run DHCPv6 and/or router advertisement (rtadvd)
  • Can do OpenVPN as server and/or client
  • Small form-factor - Something designed for home use, not for a server rack
I was asking for something more for a home user. I would be cool with something high-end if its EoL and therefore significantly cheaper.
So it would seem to be you have two choices. (1) Build your own machine using hardware verfied to work with FreeBSD. (2) Or buy a Juniper device that is cheap because it is end of life.

I think the Juniper SRX300 is a slick little device, but it does not do WiFi.