router/firewall box

  1. sidetone

    Share your router/firewall BSD distribution or dedicated BSD box experience (for FreeBSD users)

    OPNsense and pfSense are based off of the defunct m0n0wall distribution: m0n0wall has encouraged OPNsense as its successor. DynFi is another router/firewall distribution based off of OPNsense and pfSense. It uses a modified FreeBSD, and has a ports overlay on top of FreeBSD ports. DynFi also has...
  2. hardworkingnewbie

    Any experience with DynFi firewall?

    I've been looking at the market for firewall appliances/distributions again, and stumbled upon DynFi firewall, which I have never heared before. Even more interesting, it is based and built upon FreeBSD, being itself a fork of OPNSense. It seems to be based in France, and the forums are not...
  3. mfaridi

    Raspberry as router

    In our company, my boss wants me to make Router for an internal network, we have above 100 users. this Router must share internet to users and has some limitation. Can I use Raspberry as Router? I would be grateful any recommend for this project.
  4. E

    A FreeBSD box for home

    We are many here to ask questions. But few tell what they want to achieve. I want to share this project involving FreeBSD. My goal was to set up a firewall / router just after my internet box and also use it as a media reader on my TV. I almost completed the configuration. The main components...
  5. Farhan Khan

    Modem/Router running FreeBSD or OpenBSD?

    Are there any modem/router combination devices that run either FreeBSD or OpenBSD? If not natively, I would be cool with flashing a device and running pfSense or whatever OpenBSD equivalent appliance exists. My requirements are: Can do WiFi and Ethernet with at least 5 ports Allows for root...