Solved Minor issues. :)

Staffan: Do not get discouraged, KISS IT. Bad hardware? get a cheap second-hand box (mine is a Celeron).

I am a very lucky guy, my ignorance protects me from bad situations. I watch youtube videos about installations, I just finished installing OpenBSD, piece of cake. Same with FreeBSD. I keep it simple, no ZFS, no desktops environments, no display managers (I use startx) I only install packages no ports, only window managers and I do not switch until I know them well. No jails, servers, or complicated stuff for my limited mind, all I want is to read newspapers, watch videos and movies.

What can I tell you...keep at it. Hexagonal got a good howto on how to install.
The installation itself become much easier the second time when I got freebsd to configure the network card automaticly. Much Much easier. I also keep it to packages, as I havent really seen the benefit with ports.

A newspaper is always a good way to enjoy a good operative system :) Im really curious about learning about ZFS though.

I have a 120$ (sort-of badly currency translated) limit to what I can buy without having to ask my wife for permission. So i guess my hardware in practice have to cost below that limit.
I have a 120$ (sort-of badly currency translated) limit to what I can buy without having to ask my wife for permission. So i guess my hardware in practice have to cost below that limit.

120 bucks should get you a celeron boxen, add 2 gigs ram, later add an SSD ($60), I speculate you live in northern Europe, first world country, lots of tech, check the dumpsters (garbage bins) people throw away old computers, read the howtos in this site and youtube FreeBSD installation videos (Riba Linux) desktops are sturdier hardware than lappys. If you ain't got money, stay away from laptops...(I dont use one)

Start slow, stop switching DEs, stick to one editor, wm, file manager, use UFS at the beginning, etc... FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER on the videos, once you finish something succesfully, you'll think you're a genius:D
Yes! i'll likte the kick to think that Im a genous. Its a great complement to the real world. :)

First world... haven that that expression since I was a kid. Havent really thought about how arrogant it sounds. Anyway, Its not like there is a lot of computers laying around in the trash, and the ones that are, probably woudnt work because of the snow :)

Yeah, thinking about going desktop. A used NUC option might fit me. I like nucs. Im typing this on a nuc, but freebsd woudnt install here. I dont really understand this list either. Does it mean that the listed NUCs have whats listed here working?

I also have a used computer at my parents house I think. Looking into several options here!

Im trying to motivate this home by saying something that like that "we can have a server for our family photos." My wife is really worried we will lose them.
We all are geniuses once we install something ten times. I did.
Brush the snow away and use a hair dryer.
At the end of every NUC description says "Tested with..."
Kidnap one of your parents and ask for the computer as ransom.
Don't mess with your family's photos if you value your life.
I would guess, with any Intel machine, the problem might be in the video card, especially if it's less than a few years old.
The ones that do say tested are from 2016 at the latest, so it's difficult to know if they'll still work.

In the US, there are a few places selling refurbished Thinkpads cheaply, (though probably closer to $200 than $120). I don't know how it is where you are, but refurbished is often MUCH less expensive and will work rather well.