Solved LibreOffice not building on first make

Hello folks,

I have experienced a really odd problem while building the port german/libreoffice. As usual I do multiple runs of make config-recursive until no further config dialogues are appearing than I'm building the whole thing using make package-recursive install. The dependencies for LibreOffice, like Java or db, are building fine, but then while building LibreOffice itself the build suddenly aborts. The last message was to try building with the option makejobs=unsafe. Now comes the odd part, the build stops during some database things very similar to a mailing list entry found here
BUT: If I do nothing else than just do a second try, the port builds fine and seems to be working without any problems. Furthermore this is reproducible. I reinstalled FreeBSD got the actual version of the ports tree via portsnap and took another run at it. Same thing, the first build stops and the second is running fine.
What am I missing here? Is this something related to RAM usage (the machine has 16 GB of memory) or to the compiler? (I use the vanilla compiler distributed with the base system and have no make.conf). Has someone a similar problem?
Well, well, the thing is solved, sort of. It seems that something, I am not sure if it is the a kernel stack or something related to the compiler, isn't able to handle compiling multiple larger ports in one run. I have reinstalled FreeBSD got my ports and now I build gcc, ffmpeg and the two openjdk ports (Version 7 and 8) before I start the build of LibreOffice. The result was that the first run was successful, no "sudden death" everything went on as expected. I don't know what exactly causes the behaviour which I described in my first post, the machine is about two years old, having 16 GB of RAM, an Intel 4690 i5 processor and there was and is plenty of space on the
partition. There is no custom build environment and no sysctl tweaking. I'll write that down to my notices and keep it in mind, although I'm not happy with this at all. The whole thing is somewhat misterious and that's something I don't really like.