1. nielsk

    Problems installing java/openjdk8

    Hi, i have on a couple of new servers the problem that the configuration of the port java/openjdk8 fails. I found a bug in the bug reports from August or September but no response there. So maybe someone can help me here. I am running 11.0-STABLE with a custom kernel and a stripped down world...
  2. X

    Solved LibreOffice not building on first make

    Hello folks, I have experienced a really odd problem while building the port german/libreoffice. As usual I do multiple runs of make config-recursive until no further config dialogues are appearing than I'm building the whole thing using make package-recursive install. The dependencies for...
  3. Maelstorm

    Solved Missing pkg_descr when building bash dependencies

    I'm trying to build a statically linked version of shells/bash and I am getting the following error from a dependency: ===> Staging for gettext-tools-0.19.6 ===> gettext-tools-0.19.6 depends on executable: indexinfo - found ===> Generating temporary packing list ** Missing pkg-descr for...