Laptop battery life - brand new X1 Carbon 6th gen only 4 hours on FreeBSD

Somebody shared this with me on Reddit:

about Si03 on Linux and then copying it over to FreeBSD to utilize deep power state on X1 Carbon 6th gen.

I haven't seen anything about this anywhere else so reluctant to try it. Anybody able to weigh in? I managed to get my laptop to ~8 hours yesterday by adding a few recommendations to rc.conf and loader.conf which is better than before.

Would prefer 10+ though.

I may have replied to your thread on Reddit today as well but I got this patch working great on Ubuntu. I'd really like to try to get it working on FreeBSD but I'm not sure about some things on the OS in terms of the DSDT files, etc. Or if even the patch should apply cleanly there (I assume no?)

If you have some ideas here, I'm happy to be the guinea pig. I just got my X1C6 a couple of days ago so it's not a big deal to reinstall and start over. If I can get this working it would solve a lot of issues for me personally and I could ditch Linux on the laptop.