1. senenmut

    want to shutdown laptop at 5% battery level.

    Hi there, can anyone mention a tool for smooth handling in percentage manner for latop battery management in BSD ? Have seen many tools in the ports collection from FreeBsd Page. However shutdown option is not described anywhere. Which one is a good one ? Greeting SM
  2. dr3mro

    Tweaking Power Consumption

    I have Thinkpad x250 with freeBSD 13.1 RC4 with most of tweaks I could find online and in man pages enabled but I cannot get my power consuption below 5.5W even with all those tweaks and I am using BSPWM for comparison MS windows 10 uses 7 watt with all bloat running and UBUNTU 22.04 GNOME 42...
  3. jcamos

    10 hours to fully charge my laptop battery - Asus ZenBook UX431DA

    Hi everyone! So this is quite strange and I'm not sure this was ever discussed here. Kind of new to FreeBSD so please take that into consideration. So each time I plug my power cord it takes an abnormal amount of time to charge the battery. Like an hour per 10% charge, which in my honest...
  4. i-bsd

    Laptop battery life - brand new X1 Carbon 6th gen only 4 hours on FreeBSD

    Can anyone point me to a guide for optimizing battery life? Just installed on a brand new laptop yesterday that is supposed to offer 10+ hours but `acpiconf -i 0` shows around 4 hours of life.
  5. Rastko

    Using laptop without battery

    If I take out the laptop battery, do I confuse the acpi system? I get kernel spam containing: No handler for Region [RCM0] acpi_ec0: evaluation of query method _Q42 failed: AE_NOT_EXIST Is it due to me removing the battery, and if so, how can I tell acpi system not to look for it?