Jetty9 FreeBSD 10-2

Dear forum,

I am having quite a problem with using Jetty9 in FreeBSD 10-2. The error message below always pop up every time I use: service jetty start
Starting jetty.
Cannot find a Java JDK. Please set either set JAVA or put java (>=1.5) in your PATH.
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/jetty: WARNING: failed to start jetty

Even when I export JAVA_HOME for bash shell it still can't find java.
However if I just type java then enter, FreeBSD will respond with the java output just fine.
I am using openjdk8 and I have set JAVA_HOME to that directory but jetty9 still has not found the java.
thank you so much. It works as you said. Jetty9 has different way of doing things than previous version.