1. G

    OpenJDK8 logs

    Hallo everybody. I'm having problems to use a third software (the installation is completely correct). To continue developing that software, first of all, I'd like to see the logs of OpenJDK. By default, they are not configured; I've tried to find a way to configure them, but I didn't find...
  2. Curtis Hamilton

    OpenOffice for PowerPC64

    I've successfully built Openoffice-4.1.3 on FreeBSD 10.2/PowerPC64 with full functionality, menu icons, toolbars and graphics. See the below URL if interested: If you prefer Libreoffice, see my other post in this forum. Recommend...
  3. E

    Jetty9 FreeBSD 10-2

    Dear forum, I am having quite a problem with using Jetty9 in FreeBSD 10-2. The error message below always pop up every time I use: service jetty start Starting jetty. Cannot find a Java JDK. Please set either set JAVA or put java (>=1.5) in your PATH. /usr/local/etc/rc.d/jetty: WARNING: failed...