Install freezes at Consoles: EFI Consoles


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From what I know about UEFI there could be many reasons why it's not working. As these are older machines it could be a buggy version of UEFI on those systems. And apparently UEFI can also come in 32 or 64 bit flavors. If I recall correctly a 32 bit UEFI could cause problems when trying to boot a 64 bit FreeBSD. The Windows bootloader is probably more forgiving and capable of working around those issues. After all, both HP and Dell pay Microsoft huge sums of money.


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I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110S I am having the same problem even with Legacy Mode enabled. It’s unfortunate because I really wanted to give this a go.



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I got also into this problem on one of my machines recently during 12.1 -> 12.2 upgrade. It had AMDGPU so `hw.syscons.disable` was set. That was the reason console stayed blank.

If you also get in here, and you have amdgpu, remember to `hw.syscons.disable=0` ;-)