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I disagree. I believe other animals, especially cats and dogs, have personality.
I have seen dogs planning to lie to you, doing it and being devastated when it did not work.
Elephants mourn their dead ones and come to the place of death for that. Rats have a concept of fair play.

And the old joke about loyality and dogs versus women... is no joke at all.
All I get is about The Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale (BSDS)!

Heh, to be fair, that probably has more relevant information about the FreeBSD operating system than that other crazy site!

not updated for years. Quite funny, though.

uun When you get time, could you mash up your link a little? Ideally we want to reduce the amount of SEO live links to it so that it disappears into the depths of page 10 of Google search results ;)

We had a situation a few years ago where people would link to it (mainly to laugh at some of the ridiculous statements) but that then increased its rankings and a few newbies then got utterly confused at its credibility.

In the movie "Harvey" with Jimmy Stewart, there's a similar line from Duane Wilson, played by Jesse White. He was reading a note but I don't recall the complete line or what the note was about.

Here's my Jimmy Stewart story:

A couple of years into my marriage, I took my wife to LA on vacation. However, she had bad sinus and easily got sick from all the pollution there. After making a visit somewhere, we took a drive through Beverly Hills. She was NOT happy doing that and wanted to go home. Just as I gave in, I saw a limousine pull around the corner. "Let's follow it and see who gets out!", I said.

She was NOT happy.

The limo pulled to the corner in front of one house and sat there. Not wanting to be too obvious, I stayed down the block. After what seemed like forever, (did I mention my wife was NOT happy?), the driver opened the door, stood up and looked at the house. Blocked by a tree, I could only see an arm wave at him. The driver then turned the car around and pulled next to the curb again.

And we waited. I gave my wife my camera and told her to get read to take pictures if it's someone we knew. It was a long wait. My wife was NOT happy. Another driver pulled up to the curb slightly further down the road and got out and put his camera on top of his car. I could sense movement so I put my car into drive and slowly rolled down the street to see the very elegant Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart walk down to the limo. She was dressed in a very fine, emerald green ball gown. He in a tuxedo.

He gave a wave to us, got into the car, and they drove off. My wife, too in awe of the moment, forgot to take a picture. But she was somewhat happier.
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I get why there could be disgruntlement in a lot of projects.

In FreeBSD, I don't see why so much, that the forums are fair, and that things are kept civil. In other projects, not referring to software, there's abuse, anarchy, promoting immoral things, corruption and plain retardedness.

Sounds like someone who is bored, testing their profane bot.

If it were a disgruntled person, they would be saying worse things, and post it more, considering they decided to post what they did.

2. Piotr has a phone number in his signature. Why not just talk to him, Sasha?
Then they would have to change their number. Contacting that will leave a phone number susceptible to spam or even harassment.
It is the same old hangup people have with the GPL being "the one true free software license". They tend to come to these forums because they are fairly user-facing (and easier to access than the mailing lists) and kind of take out their frustrations on the community here.

To be fair, it doesn't happen much anymore. However I suspect there is one guy who never quite let it go XD
It is the same old hangup people have with the GPL being "the one true free software license".
That's a horrible reason, but it's what they believe. I don't know if it's the culture or that license that promotes bloat.

I could go on their mailing list. And say for 14 hours, or until I get blocked

Linuxism bloat causes the need to compile software for an additional 14 hours. What a waste of time, and that makes it difficult to have a consistent build.

But what's the point. I rather do things better. I rant about it, because it's ridiculous. But if they want to do that, what's the point in going to their communities to tell them what's wrong with that.
Here's my Jimmy Stewart story:
drhowarddrfine I admire your prose to a certain extent. People do have desires and needs they want so satisfy. So do you and you hit our forums from time to time.
We learned how you married were coupling your daughter, parts of your vita up and after retirement. Highly off-topic, but somehow entertaining as some mouthful stories about TV. Some just TL;DR.

Now what's your point here, I ask my self and that's not for the first time.

From testing and cats the thread came to spam. Spam at mailing lists and now spam in the thread? For what purpose?

Profi-spammers do it for a living.
Amateurs do it for captivating attention.

Sure humans need a minimum of love. It's a different love compared to cats.
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Now what's your point here
You have to follow the thread started by vigole that I responded to and then you'll understand. What he mentioned "reminds of the time ..."

I took a course about something from Disney Studios where every meeting they have begins with a story and every attendee is required to tell a story before the meeting starts. Entertainment is in my background and it all began as a Junior in high school English class when Mrs. Singer told me, "You've got a voice for radio. You should think about that as a career."

I've got a lot of stories to tell and they can pop up at seemingly odd times but there is always a connection somehow.
We learned how you married your daughter
Say what now?!


getopt and drhowarddrfine :
If there's any misunderstanding, you should blame it on me. I've twisted the thread by telling my stupid cat story. I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry about that. Cheer up! Thanks.
Yep. Throw in a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome. Users seem to love what treats them like dirt.

For example Apple, Microsoft, Google and Valve all have a massive consumer following. And the creepiest Linux Ubuntu (i.e trialing adverts on menu) is the most popular of all distros.
New user's first post necroes an old thread with 1k views with an incoherent message. Things that make you go hmmm...