HTML Wifi Hotspot Accept conditions

I work a lot on guest networks and most require me to accept their terms and conditions that are presented in a webpage. How can I accept these with a fresh install to gain access to the network?
Captive portals are not an exact science on any BSD and even on many Linux distros.

Here are my tricks for every day use:

1) set Firefox as your default browser.

2) don´t start local-unbound as you need their DNS for redirection. If you really need local-unbound, comment out the related lines in resolvconf.conf and add ¨prepend domain-name-servers;¨ or ¨append domain-name-servers;¨ in your /etc/dhclient.conf. As a matter of fact, I am using unbound and dhclient from ports.

In case of a new install, you have the following options:

3) connect your smartphone to the captive portal and use it as a hotspot, or

4) boot a live USB stick of a GNOME-based linux distro such as ANTERGOS (they have a thing called CAPNET-ASSIST that seems to work very well), login and reboot with your FreeBSD install. It works for me at Starbucks.

In any case, don´t waste too much of your time as this is not an exact science.