ZFS how to mount partition type "freebsd-zfs"

I installed freenas 9.10 on a 8GB USB stick last month. There are two partitions, one freebsd-boot and one freebsd-zfs. Can I mount the freebsd-zfs partition with a FreeBSD 10.2 ? If so, how?
That should be possible. You have a zpool consisting of a single disk (your usb drive). The zpool has a name that was given to it on creation. If you insert your usb stick and run:
# zpool import
The name should show up. This name (eg myfreenas) can be used to mount all the filesystems in the pool in one command, but be carefull. Some of the filesystems on your stick might be overlapping with existing filesystems on your system; so force everything to mount below /mnt:
# zpool import -R /mnt myfreenas