How to install Xorg without Wayland in FreeBSD?


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I am beginning to suspect that it is actually lack of corporate interest as to why we don't have a decent remote desktop solution. Whilst that surprises me in the "day of the cloud", I guess the concept of DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is not really that popular.
Desktop? It's darn hard to get a command line in the cloud crapware.

First you have to find out what virtual machine is hosting your container. Then you ssh to that host and grep through the output of docker ps to find your instance. Then you docker exec -it /bin/bash hoping and praying that bash is installed in it. Then you hope that it's actually logging something useful or that there are enough standard tools installed in it to have a fighting chance of figuring out what it's doing, or, more often why it's not doing what it's supposed to be doing.