Solved Help me understand Jail

Please accept my apologies ahead of time as I could not find an appropriate room for questions on jails.

I have a FreeBSD box (10.1) with two jails on them (also 10.1) that I am using for testing and understanding purposes before I implement something more permanent. I have them both in /var/jails

root@freebsd_vm01:/usr/home/tim.falardeau # jls
  JID  IP Address  Hostname  Path
  1  www_jail  /var/jails/www_jail
  2  mysql_jail  /var/jails/mysql_jail

I shell into the jails to set up services that are supposed to run in each, but I am unable to find /etc/rc.conf
root@freebsd_vm01:/usr/home/tim.falardeau # jexec 1 sh
# pwd
# cd /etc
# ls -la | grep rc.conf
drwxr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  512 Nov 11  2014 rc.conf.d
# exit

It was my understanding that each jail was supposed to be a separate instance of FreeBSD and that each jail could be configured separately. How am I supposed to configure these jails without the /etc/rc.conf. I understand that things like the IP address, interface, and hostname are configured by the /etc/jail.conf file on the host. But, where do you make configurations for services in the jail itself?
Things to remember though, you can't set the hostname and you can't set the IP address inside the jail. You can set them in the jail's /etc/rc.conf but they're going to be ignored.