Grub2 Error : No Such Device: Entering Rescue Mode

I installed Grub2 by following
(Grub2 is taken from

But while reboot, "Grub Rescue Mode" is displayed.

When I execute "ls" in grub rescue prompt, only "hd0" is displayed and no partitions are displayed.

Output of gpart show command is given below.


I installed grub2 using grub-install /dev/mfid0

I came across similar problem been posted online.But in all cases, "ls" command in rescue mode was displaying partitions along with "hd0". But in my case only "hd0" is displayed.

Am I installing grub2 the wrong way?

Can u help me out in solving this issue.

I am new to FreeBSD. I was just trying out stuffs.
I got my issue fixed by installing a module "part_gpt" while installing grub.
Now I am able to get grub menu and boot using grub . :)

How can I install grub on 10.1?
When I try to install using "pkg install grub/grub2", am getting package not found error.