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Solved gnome-keyring


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I am using gnome-keyring on GNOME3. It woks but I have all the time messages:
gnome-keyring-daemon[97459]: asked to register item /org/freedesktop/secrets/collection/Default_5fkeyring/4, but it's already registered
I start GNOME with:
exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session /usr/local/bin/gnome-session
Thank you.


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I had this problem long ago but I do not remember how I solved it, and I am not using security/gnome-keyring (neither x11-wm/i3). Actually, a lot of things changed in here. :)

But looking on my backups, I used to start using this at that time:

exec ssh-agent dbus-launch --csh-syntax --exit-with-session i3
I think there is no need of ck-launch-session. But I am not sure.