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FreeBSD to rethink target audience?



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donallen said:
Despite my generally very favorable impression of the system (and familiarity with BSD going back to the 4.x systems on Vaxen), the unreliability was unacceptable and I retreated to Linux (this was fairly recently and involved FreeBSD 7.1).

I attribute this to my using corners of the system that are little-used by the mainstream FreeBSD audience, and thus have simply not been adequately debugged.
Did you tried filing a pr and providing backtraces?


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I filed a PR for the ext2 problem and received a quick response from one of the developers, pointing me at a patch. I would have had to build a kernel, obviously, to install that patch. I worked around it by converting the backup disks to UFS2 on an i386 system I have (the ext2 bug affected amd64 only).

The second bug is only a theory. I got no evidence at all from that crash. The system restarted itself while it was doing the disk copy and I was out of the room. Nothing in the logs and no dump. I didn't file a report on that one because it would have been a complete guess with no supporting evidence.

/Don Allen