FreeBSD could be used for hacking?


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A system that will continue functioning with no matter what occur: you could throw the motherboard to a wall, shoot it, even bur it. And it will continue working. Even when I have most knowing of GNU/Linux, I think FreeBSD has its own potential. Or perhaps make a mix of both. I am learning C, C++, and assembler language.
I'm not sure about fire resistance. :) But the idea of an OS that cannot crash is what MINIX is built on. Everything runs in user space and a reincarnation server will restart any drivers that have issues. See here.
my take on Hacking...

it is/was when someone was sitting in front of a terminal and keyboard, just hacking away on the keyboard until the user could get whatever he was working at to work, then passwords showed up and well someone took to hacking away on the keyboard to get that to work and it just took off from there, or the rest is history as "they" say. :oops:
BSD is lightweight and high speed
Of course - if you use without a desktop.
BSD can be the gateway to a secure network.
In security - Excellent defense.
In my opinion - FreeBSD is the last giant in security .
I am not thinking of doing damage to other people. Just a question that came to my mind when I saw that there are Linux distros used for hacking, but find nothing about the BSD.

I was also wondering about that. A few concerns I would have:

1. BSDs are usually not able to access as many different file systems as Linux.
2. I am not sure if there are any "live" BSDs.
3. I have had issues with FreeBSD not running newer versions of applications.
4. Sometimes there are no BSD versions of Linux apps.
5. I am afraid that, at some future point in time, Linux apps will require systemd, and therefor not run on any BSD.
if you got a keyboard and a OS and you're trying to do something without actually knowing how to do it. just start hacking away on your keyboard until you get the OS to do what it is you are trying to get it to do.

you are now a hacker. :-/ :eek::D:beer:
To address your fears, some of which are valid.
Usually, sooner or later someone creates a program enabling FreeBSD to access a different file system, but your statement is correct, I believe. (Though I'm not positive and am too lazy to google).

There is now a live version of FreeBSD, FuryBSD, do a search for it on the forums. I only tried it briefly and it seems as if it may server the purpose that is served by a live Linux image.

For number 3, I don't know. I've found that FreeBSD has had newer versions of apps sometimes, but my main Linux machine runs CentOS-7 which tends to use older versions of things. Depending what programs you are talking about the fact that it's an older version may not matter, but generally, I've found FreeBSD packages to be up to date, or close to it.

This is true that sometimes there are no BSD versions of Linux programs. Linux has a far larger user base and this is just a fact of life.

As for systemd, I don't know. I hope not. There are still a few Linux holdouts, such as Void Linux, and while systemd hasn't turned out to be a disaster, on various Linux forums you see what happens when person who has a single user laptop gets to work on a server OS.

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if you got a keyboard and a OS and you're trying to do something without actually knowing how to do it. just start hacking away on your keyboard until you get the OS to do what it is you are trying to get it to do.

you are now a hacker. :-/ :eek::D:beer:

Or one of a roomful of monkeys that did not write Shakespeare.

# initiate machine war
sh: initiate: not found
# launch nuclear strike on California
sh: launch: not found

I'm no good at this...

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I still call myself a hacker because I (with authorization), break into web apps. I don't call myself a "cracker" because that has a negative racial connotation, or used to anyway. I am definitely not a hacker in the sense that RMS intended when he (I think?) coined the term.

I don't consider myself to be a hacker or a cracker. I have toyed with the idea of setting up a MITM proxy for those residents who can't catch a signal from our hotspot, and not so sure someone hasn't already. I have several laptops of my own and don't need access to others.

However, left alone off-camera with physical access to a certain someones Windows computer long enough to enter a 22 keystroke command would be something I've longed for...

I have been targeted by hacker/crackers when I was into chat. I was an easy mark with my Mighty Win98 machine but chat is my element and I was feared and hated for my wicked words.

That was around 20 years ago and things have changed. They still watch me to this day and have an account at Personality Forge but never speak directly to me anymore. I can usually spot them if they speak to me and one told me years ago he was warned I was clever, it was not a compliment. I have a detail of new recruits assigned to keep tabs on me by my oldest mates after all these years. What stories they must tell the new people about the Demon...

That's dedication, or something I can't identify, but they have known me longer than anyone online and like no others. I don't mind if they watch me and they don't want to see me in chat.

Sometimes I do things especially for them to keep it interesting, show how much I care and have grown over the years thanks to them. This is work I did especially for them. They know what it means and seen the truth of it first hand, as I was then and am now.

But all the details will remain between us as long as the current situation doesn't change.

That's a part of hacking you probably don't hear much about.

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“A thorn in your side will drive you to find someone or thing to remove it. Therefore, don't hate your enemies. Thank them. Without them, you wouldn't have traveled as far in your life to find peace and happiness.” ― Shannon L. Alder

My sentiments exactly. I don't hate them and as long as they don't provoke me I respect their space and what they consider home by not bothering them in chat.

"A man’s greatness can be measured by his enemies." — Don Piatt

The fact they still think it worthwhile to keep me under watch after 20 years and passed that duty on to the next generation indicates how I am measured by them.


Being a free and open-source tool, you can easily use FreeBSD for your "project". The OS's performance is a lot better than that of GNU/Linux. But also keep in mind that it has higher and better security compared to the kernel. I'm not sure that is the tool that you need for your RTOS project, but hopefully, you know what you're doing :) Let me know how it goes and if you succeed, I would love to learn more from this experience, maybe I'll find it useful in the future. Also, you never know, maybe one day I'll need to hire a hacker, and will come directly to you :)
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