Solved FreeBSD bootable pendrive software.

So i was really impressed with FreeBSD and thought about installing it on my second computer,only this time i am downloading it(i've used the freebsd disc from osdisc on my first computer).So i found a problem Unetbootin only supports FreeBSD 8.Are there any sites that can create a bootable usb of FreeBSD 11.0.

Thanks in advance
The usual way is # dd if=file.img of=/dev/daX bs=4M, in case that helps. Replace file.img with the name of the FreeBSD install image, and /dev/daX with the correct name that the usb stick shows up as. In case your primary computer isn't running FreeBSD, try Etcher.
It's been a while for me and this was probably a lot of unnecessary work but I used one thumb drive to install to another. The first thumb drive followed the instructions for making a bootable installer. Then I just chose the 2nd thumb drive as the target drive to install to. It booted just fine for me.
Contrary to a lot of Linux distributions on FreeBSD you don't need to convert the ISO files. We have IMG files specific for booting off of USB sticks.