FreeBSD 8.0 and mpd5.3



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2 days ago switched from RELENG_8_0 (release) to RELENG_8 (stable), rebuilded world and mpd5.5. And still have problems with proxy-arp.
After reading some posts on the list ( I made some experimentings.

In my system one of ethernet adapters (dedicated to lan) has ip

When in mpd.conf I set separate ip for the local end of vpn like this:
set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
Proxy arp does not work. (error 256 in the log)

But, when I set the ip to be the same as my ethernet adapter's one:
set ipcp ranges ippool pool1
everything is fine! :)

But I am not sure if this configuration (same ip for different adapters) is correct. Is it possible to expect problems?