I use e17 on my laptop (see my config under my signature). I preferred to set e17 instead of gnome because e17 is very light. However when I work on my laptop, I use terminal a lot. I switch on the gui especially when I have to chat with pidgin or to surf on net.

ps: I'll try to put a screenshot of my desktop later but don't expect to see some eyes candy because my desktop is very simple.
e16 + eterm here on my laptop. been playing with compiz/gnome on another box recently but I have always preferred enlightenment.

So far I like it. The only problem I'm having is figuring out how to add additonal apps like thunderbird to the panel or IBAR.

ok, I figured out the applications menu....still can't add to the favorite bar. I have sound in the applications...but no sound as far as the theme sounds. Is there any for any themes?

It's worth the wait!

I'm a long term user of both KDE & Gnome. I run both PC-BSD and FreeBSD 7-Stable. e17 just sealed the deal for me yesterday. I run FreeBSD on my laptop (Toshiba Sattelite m305-x) and don't want to dual boot to windows so I've looked into VirtualBox to run a WinXP guest machine. Needless to say, Gnome 2.6.x handles system resources better and feels much less bloated than KDE 3.x, but Virtualbox just performed poorly even after removing some of the bloat.

Last night I installed e17, and even with the "bling" running in the background, e17 handled VirtualBox 3.0.5.x like a charm! It felt as if I booted directly into Windows! I'm sold! stability (thus far), eye candy, custom-ability... I'll always have Gnome (and fluxbox of coarse) on my machine, but e17 is my new #1.

Aaron_VanAlstine said:
The enlightenment release schedule is really slow. It seems that E17 has been in development for ages.
Yes enlightenment is light and fun. But my stepmother don't like because desktop change involuntary when mouse touch the border screen.

It's good for your C codes when you include imlib because enlightenment is programmed with imlib for fun effects desktops.

I depreciated enlightement and returned to xfce because it supports compiz-fusion.
sjakke said:
Has anyone tried the tiling-module?

Yeah, I'm using it, and btw is there a way to turn this module off?

Not that I don't like it, just would like to have an option -> at the moment I'm stuck with tiling (gimp is a pain in this mode) :D

As a bonus, below is my screenshot (eeepc + e17, well e16.999 or something like that) :D

Oh, and there is one more thing -- when using wine+MS WORD, after closing word window temp is getting very high, wine and wineserver are using over 50% CPU until I'll kill them.
Is that normal in e17? have fluxbox on the same netbook, and all works OK... Any idea?
I am new to FreeBSD and got it installed on my system, I know about enlightenment and chose it to be my environment but I got something wrong. Post-install of FreeBSD I wanted GUI or desktop environment so I installed enlightenment only to find that I needed to also install xorg. I do not know if there is any simple for newbies to follow instructions of how to do this. I installed the xorg-minimal. I am stuck, at a graphical login screen. I tried to follow the instructions in handbook on installing X11 and configuring it but I think I blundered somewhere. I tried rebooting into safe mode and single use mode to try to reconfigure but editors are not found and I can't proceed, then I booted from the USB to try to use fixit but I do not now how to use that. What should I do? DO I HAVE TO REINSTALL FBSD?
Try to deinstall Xorg-minimal and install Xorg and other stuff that are in Handbook (Xorg-configure etc) before installing E17.

Before E17 you can always install dwm or wmii or any other light WM (fluxbox) just to have a WM to be able to boot into. Also add an entry to your (user /home) ~/xinitrc file
exec fluxbox
(eg. for fluxbox).
I re-installed FreeBSD and then Xorg. I did the Xorg -configure too. Then I could not wait so I went ahead and executed the command
[CMD=""]pkg_add -r enlightenment[/CMD]
which gave me unable to fetch by URL, so I had to compile it from source with
[CMD=""]cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/enlightenment && make install clean[/CMD]
This worked and enlightenment was compiled from source.
Now when I execute
I get Enlightenment Error
Enlightenment cannot initialize its X connection
Have you set your display variable?
E17:Begin shutdown procedure!
So I am still stuck. I executed [CMD=""]pkg_add -r xdm[/CMD] which installed xdm and now I am back to graphical login screen but when I login no Enlightenment window manager I am back to the login screen. So where have I gone wrong?
So if I understand correctly I have to do this

after fetching and installation I add the line in my .xinitrc file and voila I should have my graphical desktop?