Change the name of the Printer

I am in the process of setting up/learning FreeBSD as a desktop OS, so please forgive me if I am not using correct terminology.

I have my Lexmark E260dn (networked) printer setup and working. It prints both plain text, and PostScript files with no problem. Using lpr I can send jobs with no problem. I have the printer setup with 2 different trays - one tray has 8.5x11 paper, the other has shipping labels (4.5" x 11")

However, it's when I am in the GUI (xfce) that I run into my issue: It shows "LPR" as the printer.


Now, while I understand what "LPR" is and I can manually type in my print queue in the "Command Line" dialog box (i.e. lpr -P label), it's a PITA to do this every time I want to print a label and b) not so intuitive for the person who comes behind me.

I also have an HP Color Laser Jet (another remote printer) that I (and select others) would like to print to.

Question: How can I change the name or set up queues that better reflect the printers I have installed? I would like to see in the print dialog "Lexmark", "Lexmark Label" and "HP Color LaserJet" as options.
I think the utility your looking for is desktop specific. Xfce4 used to have a xfprint utility when Xfce4 was gtk2 based. The gtk3 developers dropped lpr/lprng support so xfprint is no more. You might be able to use x11/yad to script a lpr friendly solution. Yad has both drag n' drop and printer options yad(1).