Solved Cannot create Enigmail GPG revocation certificate

Hello - I recently migrated my desktop computers from Ubuntu to FreeBSD for better security.

After installing Thunderbird 45.1.1, I started the Enigmail GPG add-on setup wizard, which created the key correctly but failed when attempting to create a revocation certificate. It cannot create the certificate file in any of my local directories. The error message is: The revocation certificate could not be created.

Is anyone aware of a known fix or workaround?
Thank you. Upon further investigation I found that gpg-agent wasn't being started. After starting gpg-agent, gnome keyring manager was interfering with its operation so I disabled gnome keyring manager and added the following to my init script.

export GPG_TTY
gpg-connect-agent /bye
echo "UPDATESTARTUPTTY" | gpg-connect-agent > /dev/null 2&>1

Now I can create and save the revocation certificate and use gpg-agent instead of ssh-agent.