1. sidetone

    Is it possible to change location of Thunderbird notifications: multimonitor

    It doesn't seem like there will be an easy answer to this. Is it possible to change the location of Thunderbird notifications to a chosen screen? Or to at least change the default location of notifications in window managers, JWM specifically? On my setup, I have a large screen TV (over 30")...
  2. bortzy

    Solved after upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1, firefox/thunderbird have a strange look

    After upgrading from 11.0 to 11.1, firefox and thunderbird look has change: - scroll bars have no more central button - buttons have no more border - selected text is no more in reverse video - input fields have no more border I have use the freebsd-update to do the upgrade as describe in the...
  3. aragats

    Replacement for Thunderbird?

    Mozilla products get more and more bloated and unusable... So Palemoon is a great replacement for Firefox. How about Thunderbird? Of course, there exist many email clients. Personally I don't need GUI in most cases and use mail/mutt at home. However, I have to use mail/thunderbird at work since...
  4. J

    Solved Cannot create Enigmail GPG revocation certificate

    Hello - I recently migrated my desktop computers from Ubuntu to FreeBSD for better security. After installing Thunderbird 45.1.1, I started the Enigmail GPG add-on setup wizard, which created the key correctly but failed when attempting to create a revocation certificate. It cannot create the...
  5. Y

    Thunderbird highly unstable after upgrade 38.7.1 -> 45.0_1

    Hi, since my machine was acting up until a second restart just now I'm not sure whether this is a general problem or not, so I thought I just ask here: Does anyone else see a massive increase in Thunderbird crashes after the upgrade from 38.7.1 to 45.0_1? Assertion failure...