bhyvectl reboot host when reset/shutdown running VM

If I reset or shutdown running VM (after it is booting) via bhyvectl, host (HP DL360 G9) is rebooting. Host OS - FreeBSD 10.1 EFI, guest - Linux (Ubuntu Server 14.04, CentOS 6.7). Both have pass-through devices.
And one more question - can I can connect to VM terminal via host?
I highly recommend using a tool like sysutils/vm-bhyve to manage bhyve. The tool uses nmdm(4) and you can simply attach to a guest's console with vm console. It can all be set up by hand but it's so much easier using vm(8).

Don't know why the host reboots though, bhyve is still very much a work-in-progress so you might have run into a bug. Does it panic(9)? Or does it simply reboot?
Try to report the issue on the mailing list or open a PR for it. There aren't a lot of developers on the board but you can reach all of them through the mailing lists.