Automation of creating rc.d

Hey Forum,

Lately I often need to create rc.d for a new services, and for educational purpose or thin rc.d profiling it's ok, moreover over time it takes less effort and time and result is more satisfying. But sometimes I just want a simple daemon to be ported and waste my time to do repetitive task of creating rc.d for a simple . So I wonder whether there is some automation tool that gets this task done? And I don't mean some magic tool, that does all the decision that only human being can do. I mean tool, that can at least help with rc.d building and templating to eliminate or reduce the repetitive part of the work. Thanks.
Thanks folks, will seriously consider to write a script.

While in general I am against automation, especially concerning critical decisions, I am all for reducing redundancy of repetitive tasks. I think your idea to write an rc 'skeleton generator' is a good one :). Good luck!