1. subnetspider

    jails How to best automate creation and management of Jails?

    I'm learning ansible and bastille to introduce some level of automation to my homelab and to use jails instead of FreeBSD VMs for my services. At the moment I manually create thick VNET jails with bastille and then set up my services with ansible where each jail is treated as a separate host...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Multi-protocol traffic generator (Seagull fork for FreeBSD, TRex ?)

    Hi FreeBSD Gurus! Please recommend me a multi-Protocol traffic generator tool like Seagull. I more interesting in automation and profilings, like Saegull have. BTW Seagull is very powerful tool! Thank You all! P.S. I read on official page that “Seagull entirely coded in C++”, so may be...
  3. M

    Automation of creating rc.d

    Hey Forum, Lately I often need to create rc.d for a new services, and for educational purpose or thin rc.d profiling it's ok, moreover over time it takes less effort and time and result is more satisfying. But sometimes I just want a simple daemon to be ported and waste my time to do repetitive...