ZFS Allow browsing sub folders to which one has permission to

I hope its oké to ask here., freebsd based freenas is using zfs file system its a samba share
I want to setup permission so that i have a /mnt/some/folder/base (owned by root and wheel)

Under it I like to add folders in such a way that only if one is a member of that foldergroup one can see it.
There is a group "prjteamone" assigned the first folder setfacl -m g:"prjteamone":full_set:df:allow /mnt/some/folder/base/ProjectTeamOne
The same has been done for the other teams

How to set folder permissions so that each projectgroup can only see his group,
And if a person is member of multiple groups say prjteamone and prjteamtwo he would see two folders

I think it should be possible but i dont know how to set permission on /mnt/some/folder/base
To allow browsing sub folders to which one has permission to

Like I said, FreeNAS does things differently.
Sorry I'm working command line here, I need to fix an import from another source, and for the future the command syntax will then be used and partly scripted. (as new projects come and go).
Thanks though for pointing me to freenas articles.
i dont think you can hide the directory entries for those with no permissions but you can make them unbrowseable (only seen that on netware)
just make them mode 750 and use setfacl with ::fd:
Well once in the past, i had a similair situation, which almost worked (an extern needed to see only his project folder), he didnt see any previous folder, but every new project that got added became visible to him, so... i think its possible but maybe more needed to be done to remove him from projects he had no access to
Not to pile on but you are using the terms "directory" and "folders" inconsistently. Folders is a Windows concept that is not the same thing as the more correct term "directory".