file and directory permissions

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    ZFS Allow browsing sub folders to which one has permission to

    I hope its oké to ask here., freebsd based freenas is using zfs file system its a samba share I want to setup permission so that i have a /mnt/some/folder/base (owned by root and wheel) Under it I like to add folders in such a way that only if one is a member of that foldergroup one...
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    "No such file or directory" though "File exists"?

    Hi, I cannot upgrade libnotify on one on my servers. The message is: root@magrathea:/usr/local/bin # pkg install libnotify Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. All repositories are up to date. pkg: php56-mbstring has a missing dependency: oniguruma6...
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    Migrating an Array from Linux to BSD

    I have a media server which iI have migrated from Linux to BSD in an effort to learn a real Unix. I have however run into a bit of a snag. I have the need to change the file ownership of all the files on the ZFS array. I have read as much as iI could using Google and the man pages and I’m...