10.0 -> 10.1 upgrade emptied lib32


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I used the freebsd-update utility to upgrade my 10.0-RELENG to 10.1-RELENG. After the start, freebsd-update detected that I have 32bit compatibility libraries installed, but during the upgrade sequences it just emptied the /usr/lib32 directory breaking applications like wine.

I downloaded lib32.txz from the master site and applied it manually. freebsd-update -IDS said that my files are intact.
  1. It this glitch documented? Looks very strange.
  2. Is my solution correct?
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IF you "applied" lib32.txz properly, then yes, it should work fine.

As freebsd-update reminds me of a very friendly and well meaning but lobotomized service clerk and, to make things worse for freebsd-update, I don't use GENERIC, I habitually do upgrades manually and I went the direct *.txz way myself.



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abishai, as to it being a "bug"; It would be difficult to say, and nearly impossible to reconcile without better context. In other words; the exact commands, in their exact order. Along with the output generated.



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Chris, further to the link given by VVD, do you need any further data on this? I've successfully reproduced this issue twice now, so it's unlikely to be an issue to do it a third time.

Otherwise, given that several people have now had the same issue, I will likely file a bugzilla report (assuming that there isn't one already).
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Why is this bug still ignored? :mad:
Is it so difficult to add lib32.txz to freebsd-update servers? :confused: