zfs boot

  1. C

    ZFS ZFS Boot Issue

    I have a FreeBSD production system with 12 3TB SATA drives in a a JBoD triple-parity ZFS configuration spanning around 30TB. This was working well for months, through numerous reboots, however after a power outage Friday it's been unable to boot, giving 3 or more (it varies) `zio_read error...
  2. janprzy

    Solved zpool feature@bookmark_v2 remains 'active' after all bookmarks are destroyed, unbootable system

    My FreeBSD 13.0 machine just failed to boot stating that my zroot has com.datto:bookmark_v2 enabled, which is not supported. I booted a live USB and destroyed all bookmarks. zfs list -t bookmark does not return anything anymore, so I assume they are all actually gone. However, the pool's...
  3. M

    ZFS Root on ZFS and backups.

    Hi all, If I have a root on ZFS pool, it is my understanding that if I zfs send the ZFS pool to some location, then the entire pool is backed up to that location, but that backup cannot be restored to root with zfs recv. If I have a system that has only four drives and I wish to aggregate these...
  4. M

    Solved automount zfs partition from usb drive at boot

    Hello. I recently installed freebsd 13 release on a raspberry pi 4 (copying the image on a sd card using dd). I want to use a usb drive to hold some data, such as music, and I would like it to be mounted on boot because some service requires it. Ever command was executed as root. I first...
  5. mtu

    /boot directory deleted: How to recover with ZFS backups

    While testing the capabilities of beadm and boot environments on a spare machine, I deleted the /boot directory, and the system would no longer boot. With competent help from IRC, I was able to recover without booting a rescue system (except in case 3c) as defined below). I'm here to describe...
  6. X

    PCI SATA Card not ZFS bootable

    Hi My config : ASRock Motherbaord, FreeBDS 12.2STABLE, root on ZFS I recently bought this https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07RMHH43W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1PCI SATA Card AFAIK, it is recognized as : ahci0: <Marvell 88SE9215 AHCI SATA controller> port...
  7. Terpentijn

    ZFS ZFS mirror and bootcode

    I reinstalled FreeBSD-12-RELEASE and this time I choose to use both my SSD’s as an ZFS mirror-0. Reinstalling is part of my learning curve ;). I remember reading somewhere that mirroring itself is not enough if one drive fails. The other drive should be fine, but can it also BOOT if the first...
  8. V

    Solved Unable to boot from disk

    I've posted earlier about my issues with booting my systems. When system boots up, it shows list of bios drives, and then spinner starts for about two-three seconds, after which it will get stuck. Waited 30 or so minutes without luck, didn't move. When booting from ISO (via IPMI — it's...
  9. mxc

    "ZFS : i/o error - all block copies unavailable" - "fg not found"

    Hi all, After a system update with freebsd-update fetch/install and then a pkg update, all done via an ansible script, I can no longer boot into my system. I get the generic error message: I loaded the old kernel located at /boot/kernel.old/kernel along with opensolaris.ko and zfs.ki and...
  10. D

    Can't install FreeBSD 11.2 (After installation the system won't boot!)

    I tried to install FreeBSD on a PC, which had Windows 10 on it. at first i installed FreeBSD using UFS file system and everything was Ok and it installed, then for some reasons i needed the ZFS file system, but after installing, it said: No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key...
  11. D

    After installing on ZFS Filesystem, the system won't boot!

    After installing on ZFS Filesystem the system won't boot and says: No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key And even if the disk remains inside, it'll show FreeBSD Intsaller again! Although there is no problem when using UFS filesystem for installation. I have checked for zpool...
  12. Alejandro

    zfs mount error 6 after 11.0 to 11.1 upgrade

    Hello everyone. Today i decided to upgrade my 11.0 host to 11.1 (ports deprecated) from source. All what was added to kernel-conf compared to 11.0 version is options EARLY_AP_STARTUP. After the merging (mergemaster -iUF) host was rebooted and error is up Trying to mount root from...
  13. poorandunlucky

    ZFS Can I create a ZFS pool on bare device?

    Do I need a partition table, either GPT or MBR, on a disk if I want to boot from and use a ZFS filesystem on it? Can I just zpool create /dev/ada0 ? Then write zfsloader and zfsboot to the disk? Then boot and use it normally?