1. gilnovjetlui

    Error with avahi-app installtion

    I am having error installing xbmc. I think it is caused by error in installing avahi-app. Whats the reason? and how to solve this. I paste below the output of make install. ===> xbmc-10.1_3 depends on shared library: sqlite3.8 - found //<everything fine until here> ===> xbmc-10.1_3...
  2. J

    Zeroconf problem - not loaded/running

    Running kdebase-3.5.10_9 FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE #0 On boot I get the following message The Zeroconf daemon (mdnsd) is not running The restart option seems to be ineffective. Can't figure out actual utility of this daemon or what it might be negatively impacting. Thanks!
  3. erikano

    Avahi and IPv6

    I recently installed net/avahi and dns/nss_mdns on two of the machines on my LAN (my laptop, triforce, which has Xorg, and the server, dev, which is headless). Both have had their nss_mdns patched with patch-src_AAA-nss-mdns-linklocal.c from...
  4. mohataj

    avahi stalled after hibernation

    I put my system to sleep each nicht using acpiconf -s 3; avahi-daemon is up and running after the wakeup, but not serving anything on the network. Only a restart of avahi-daemon gets me my services back. Is there a wakeup script for acpi to automate this issue? Is there a patch for avahi to...
  5. D

    Compiling avahi-app (gdbm error) 9.0 Beta 2

    I'm compiling Pidgin (and avahi is one of dependencies) on fresh 9.0 Beta2 system and there is a problem with gdbm. gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/databases/gdbm/work/gdbm-1.9.1/tests' gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/databases/gdbm/work/gdbm-1.9.1/tests' gmake[1]: Entering...
  6. W


    Hello, I recently changed to FreeBSD, and wanted to install Avahi. But I noticed only the full Avahi package is available. Which installs Gnome and X server packages which clutter my server. I only need the Avahi-Daemon which runs in the background. Can someone create a package with...