1. O

    Perl zabbix with smartmontools

    Hello! Who can help to redo the script from Centos 7 " " for FreeBSD. I have this error in FreeBSD. { "data": uniq: invalid option -- w usage: uniq [-c | -d | -D | -u] [-i] [-f fields] [-s chars] [input [output]] ls: /dev/disk/by-id/: No such file or directory...
  2. fred974

    Solved pkg upgrade done wrong on Zabbix

    Hi all, I run the following to keep the system updated root@bunker:~ # pkg upgrade Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. All repositories are up to date. Checking for upgrades (11 candidates): 100% Processing candidates (11 candidates): 100% Checking...
  3. fred974

    Help Understanding Zabbix proxy

    Hi, Do I still need to have a Zabbix agent when running a Zabbix proxy? I am not clear about the situation. Thank you
  4. fred974

    Solved Zabbix databse error

    Hi, When I login to my Zabbix 4.4 dashboard, I keep seeing this error:Unsupported charset or collation for tables: acknowledges, actions, alerts, application_discovery, application_prototype, applications, auditlog, auditlog_details, autoreg_host, conditions, config, config_autoreg_tls...
  5. fred974

    Solved upgrading zabbix 4 to 5. Cannot run mysqldump

    Hi, I have a Zabbix 4 running on FreeBSD and I would like to upgrade to Zabbix 5. Before doing anything I tried to run mysqldump -u root --databases zabbix > zabbix44-backup.sql anf got the following error: mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'gtid\_mode'': Table...
  6. fred974

    Solved Zabbix processes question

    Hi all, I have Zabbix up and running and I get a lot of these emails: Trigger: Too many processes on Cluster-02 Trigger status: OK Trigger severity: Warning Trigger URL: Item values: 1. Number of processes (Cluster-02:proc.num[]): 293 2. *UNKNOWN* (*UNKNOWN*:*UNKNOWN*): *UNKNOWN* 3. *UNKNOWN*...
  7. D

    How to create home directory for existing user?

    Hi, I installed the "zabbix-agent" but pkg created the user "zabbix" without a home directory and to allow zabbix monitoring my MadiaDB I need to add a ".my.cnf" with the MySQL credentials to that users home directory. How can I create a home directory for an existing user? Google is only...
  8. fred974

    Solved understanding zabbix graph

    Hi, My some of my webiste went down due to database connection issue and I am not sure why. Looking at the zabbix, I cannot understand this graph Could anyone please tell me what the bit I circled in blue mean? Does it mean I ran out of memory? I run 11.2-RELEASE on full zfs and 48GB of RAM
  9. fred974

    Solved Zabbix upgrade to 4.2

    Hi, I am running net-mgmt/zabbix3-server and I would like to upgrade to net-mgmt/zabbix42-server. I looked at the Zabbix site and the port directory but I can't find out to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x. Could anyone please advise? I also use MySQL database to record everything, do I need to run a...
  10. U

    FreeBSD - clock drift

    Hi, we use FreeBSD 12.0 on an "old" DELL 2950 Server (8-Core, 24GB Memory) as our main ZABBIX Monitoring System. From time to time, last happened yesterday, the system clock goes of by an significant amount of time and ZABBIX starts to alert because it thinks that it didn't receive values from...
  11. Phishfry

    Zabbix database choices

    I have been messing around building Zabbix from ports. There are many Zabbix versions in ports. Zabbix22 Zabbix3 Zabbix32 Zabbix34 Zabbix4 I started at Zabbix4 since I am new. But it does not have the port build option for sqlite. So I dropped back to Zabbix34 and sqlite is available as an port...
  12. dougs

    zabbix34-server fails to install after 12.0-RELEASE upgrade

    After performing the following: # freebsd-update -r 12.0-RELEASE upgrade # freebsd-update install # reboot # freebsd-update install # portmaster -af I ran into an issue with reinstalling zabbix34-server due to the openssl situation. <...snip...> checking for DTLSv1_method in -lssl... yes...
  13. fred974

    zabbix template for aws

    Hi, I just finished loading a FreeBSD web server instance on Amazon AWS and I added the aws instance to my Zabbix server using the default FreeBSD template. Are there more things to monitor when the VPC is on Amazon? Has anyone got a bespoke template that they could share, please? Thank you
  14. S

    zabbix agent permissions for proc.num[]

    Hello all, I try to get the number of varnish processes from my varnish machine. But i need to set AllowRoot=1 in my zabbix-agentd config to be able to see the processes. Without AllowRoot=1 i get the following. root@monitoring01:~ # zabbix_get -s -k...
  15. J

    Solved Zabbix server behind firewall not reachable

    Hi, I'm successfully running a Zabbix server on a host in a local network ( The Zabbix server has a network interface with the IP All other servers that run the Zabbix agent and are on the same LAN are able to talk to the Zabbix server without any problems. The...
  16. fred974

    Zabbix - External Scripts - aws

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me what is the correct way to make use of ExternalScript In /usr/local/etc/zabbix34/zabbix_server.conf? I have tried ExternalScripts=${datadir}/zabbix/externalscripts ExternalScripts=${datadir}/zabbix34/externalscripts...
  17. fred974

    Zabbix and jails advise

    Hi all, I finally managed to get zaabbix to work on my host and agent.. I have 1 physical server and run many jails inside it. At the moment I only monitor the host but could anyone please advise if I shoud alos install the aget inside all the jail? If no, how can i monitor jail uptime, web...
  18. fred974

    Help with zabbix

    Hi, I installed Zabbix to monitor our production server and my mailbox is flodded with email from zabbix saying : OK: Zabbix agent on is unreachable for 5 minutes Trigger: Zabbix agent on is unreachable for 5 minutes Trigger status: OK...
  19. fred974

    Solved Zabbix upgrade done wrong

    Hi, I upgraded /net-mgmt/zabbix32-server and /net-mgmt/zabbix32-frontend to /net-mgmt/zabbix34-server and /net-mgmt/zabbix34-frontend and when I login to the dashboard, I get the a screen full of error (see attached) strtotime(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are...
  20. fred974

    ZAbbix upgrade issue

    Hi, I upgraded zabbix from 3.2 to 3.4 and when I try to restart the service I get the following error: 80819:20180220:112800.245 Starting Zabbix Server. Zabbix 3.4.6 (revision 76823). 80819:20180220:112800.245 ****** Enabled features ****** 80819:20180220:112800.245 SNMP monitoring...