1. B

    Nvida Drivers Not Detected? I May Be Stuck In a Frame Buffer

    Now by now I have learned my lesson NEVER to buy a laptop with an Nvidia graphics but I am stuck with this for now. So I am running a Dell Precision 7510 with an Nvida Quadro M1000M. I am using the 535 driver. I installed it through pkg. I have some issues that I believe are mostly connected...
  2. F

    Executing xrandr command results in «Can't open display» message

    FreeBSD 13.2 is installed as guest OS in Virtual box 6.1.36 (the host OS is Lubuntu 20.04). My goal is to get LXQt running on FreeBSD. I followed the steps listed in chapters 5 and 23.4 of the FreeBSD handbook. So far, I have successfully installed Xorg and packages virtualbox-ose-additions and...
  3. samTopaz

    Display Port Cable Connected But Xrandr Shows Disconnected

    I was using an AMD R9 290 GPU in my main desktop computer. However I've swapped it out for an AMD Radion 7870 (at least I think that's what it is.) anyway the GPU I've put it my desktop doesn't have a full sized display port receptacle. It does have two mini DP receptacles however. I've got two...
  4. I


    How do I set scaling mode to centered? I used to run xrandr --output DVI-D-1 --set "scaling mode" "Center" but this doesn't work on FreeBSD, BTW I use the right device aka DVI-D-1.
  5. F

    Only one monitor shows up in the xrandr command. I have three monitors plugged in. How do I get the other two to work?

    I recently installed freebsd (12.2-RELEASE). I'm using an amd graphics card (5500xt with amdgpu module). I know all the monitors are plugged in correctly and work because they all work fine on windows and linux installs. Where do I begin troubleshooting a problem like this? Thank you!
  6. kub-kun

    I can't change resolution and refresh rate on virtualbox

    Hi, I cannot change resolution. I tried via xrandr, arandr and KDE5 settings but it simply doesn't work. I'm using FreeBSD on my virtual machine. I use Virtualbox and I think that this may be a problem. When I try to change resolution it gives: "Failed to get size of gamma for output default". I...
  7. tanscoobydoo03

    Solved Resolution stuck at 1024x768

    Ok, so i've been using FreeBSD for a while with my NVidia GTX 1060 6GB and had no problems. However I have recently bought a new AMD Radeon RX 590 8GB and reinstalled FreeBSD. It's a fresh install with a desktop environment (GNOME) and everything works except the resolution. Through all my...
  8. I

    Solved Open source graphics driver for Nvidia GTX650

    Hi, I'm new to FreeBSD and just performed my first install. I'm following the handbook and am now at chapter "5.4. Xorg Configuration". I've already successfully installed x11/xorg. I'm trying this as the root user, but get the same results as a regular user (who is in the wheel group). I've...
  9. aragats

    Solved Second monitor is not detected after switching to vt and back

    This is a desktop system with Nvidia Quadro K2200 running FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE. The main monitor connected to DVI, the second one to DP. After switching from X to console by pressing Ctr-Alt-Fx the second monitor turns off (I don't care much about it), but when I return back to X it's not...
  10. graemeg

    radeon driver & xrandr can't rotate display

    Does anybody know if there is a known limitation with xrandr under FreeBSD, and possibly with the Radeon open source driver? I bought two new 21" monitors to go with my Dell U2711 27" monitor in a multi-monitor setup. It's just taken me 5 days to get all three monitors running in a seemless...
  11. J

    Solved Automatically adjust resolution as VMware guest

    Hello folks, I'm running a FreeBSD 10.2 guest in VMware and so far everything works great. The thing I am missing is that X changes the resolution when resizing the VMware window. From my Linux guests (I am switching to FreeBSD just now) I am used that changing the size of the VMware window...