1. StreetDancer

    Wireless Compatibility - What manpage/firmware should I be using for USB Alfa AWUS036H Wireless Adapter for FreeBSD-14.0-RELEASE-amd64?

    Hey everyone! Wireless Compatibility - What manpage/firmware should I be using for USB Alfa AWUS036H Wireless Adapter for FreeBSD-14.0-RELEASE-amd64? I have a Fresh installation on Thinkpad T420s (I call it a BrickTop T420s); any regards, Has anyone installed or utilized this Make/Model...
  2. LuMarans30

    No internet connection

    Dear FreeBSD Community, I have recently installed FreeBSD 14-RELEASE and am attempting to connect my wireless card to my university's Wi-Fi using the instructions provided in the FreeBSD Handbook. The router utilizes WPA2-Enterprise security, so I configured "/etc/wpa-supplicant.conf" as the...
  3. N

    An attempt to cross FreeBSD with a "stone" on Athlon x2 is failed

    Hello forum! Today I decided to try putting FreeBSD on my Athlon x2 computer. Motherboard: gigabyte m68mt-s2 Video card: nvidia geforce 8600 g Processor: AMD Athlon II X2(with integrated video core) Network card: nvidia. And I think it is still worth specifying that when you start the PC only...
  4. I

    Using iwlwifi during install

    I'm trying to install FreeBSD 13.2. My laptop has an Intel 8260 Wireless-AC adapter. The live install media uses the "iwm" driver by default which does not work with this network adapter (no networks found). The "iwlwifi" driver works fine without issue when I set it up post install. How do I...
  5. S

    Wifi not working

    plz help my friend installed feebsd on my computer does anyone know why my wifi isnt working i tried all the drivers here are the pages from the microsoft site: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-15-e1000-laptop-pc-series/32612084/model/35335672 also does anyone know where...
  6. H

    Problems setting up Wi-Fi with Intel AX200 according to the Handbook chapter 33.3 / 33.4 in FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE

    Hello FreeBSD community, I wanted to describe my situation because I'm not quite sure what I did exactly wrong, and I do think that, given the relatively typical circumstances, this might be a documentation issue with the manual, so I wanted to ask if there are other resources I could consider...
  7. W

    Is there a way to get assigned DNS server from DHCP server on FreeBSD

    I currently use FreeBSD on a laptop and I need to connect to different wireless network, some blocked external DNS server somehow, so I was wonder if there is a way to change my DNS server with DHCP assigning. I have to manually change my resolv.conf to get that to work. Any suggestion would...
  8. W

    Solved Unable to get DNS service

    ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant update_config=1 eapol_version=2 ap_scan=1 fast_reauth=1 network={ ssid="ARM architecture phone" scan_ssid=0 psk="***" priority=0 } network={ ssid="Ping-5G" scan_ssid=0 psk="***" priority=1 } network={ ssid="UoA-WiFi" key_mgmt=WPA-EAP...
  9. I

    How do I use a static IP address with wireless networking?

    Dynamic IP for wireless works: in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf network={ ssid="Name with spaces" psk="freebsdmall" } and in /etc/rc.conf wlans_ath0="wlan0" ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP" https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/advanced-networking/ I tried to set a static IP to my wireless...
  10. A

    Internet speed on freebsd 13.0 is extremely slow

    I just installed freebsd 13.0 on my lenovo thinkpad x260. I also have debian and windows 10 installed on the same laptop in different partitions. On both debian and window 10, when I use fast.com, I can easily get 400mbps on wireless. However, on my freebsd, for both wired and wireless, I can...
  11. R

    Getting wifi to work on FreeBSD is nearly impossible.

    I've searched Google. I've searched the FreeBSD forums and documentation. Every computer that I've tried FreeBSD on, getting wifi to work isn't possible. I got it to work once with a USB Netgear dongle, but even then it was a hassle and was extremely slow. I know the forum rules forbid "Why...
  12. M

    Unstable WiFi Speeds Intel 8265/8275

    Hello. For quite a while I've been dealing with a highly unstable wifi connection on 13.0 (and if its relevant I'm dual booting Windows 10 on another drive on the same machine). My motherboard has an intel 8265/8275 which from my understanding is supported by the iwm driver. The main issue is...
  13. I

    Configuring wireless network card

    I'm trying to configure my wireless network card and it is identified as none2@pci0:0:21:3: vendor = 'Intel Corporation' device = 'Wi-Fi 6 AX201' The "none" means there is no driver? I think found this confirming that it is not yet supported...
  14. E

    RTL8192EU NIC - Slow connection

    I have a Realtek RTL8192EU USB NIC and the transfer (download) speed is very slow (maximum of 200k/s). On Linux I get a medium speed of 1000k/s, which is what I would expect and also matches up with the output of speedtest-cli. * dmesg * ifconfig in /etc/rc.conf I have: wlans_rtwn0="wlan0"...
  15. P

    iwm in FreeBSD 13 Hardware Notes

    I was going through the FreeBSD 13 Hardware Notes and couldn't find any mention of the wireless network adapters supported by iwm driver. Is this a mistake or is there any reason behind it e.g too unstable yet to use etc. ?
  16. DonK

    Business class Wireless Access Point hardware?

    What's your favorite business class Wireless Access Point? Do you know of any good Wireless forums or mail lists? Thank you in advance.
  17. D

    Solved Intel Wireless 3160 poor performance speed

    Hi all, I have setup a fresh installation of GhostBSD 20.04.1 in a Toshiba Satellite L50-C. (Try first FreeBSD 12.1 but graphic card works better on GhostBSD ;) ) When the laptop was working on Linux Mint 19.3, it had an average speed (using wlan0) of 50-60 Mbit/s download and 20-30 Mbit/s...
  18. TobiG

    Intel WLAN AC9462 on 13.0-CURRENT

    Good morning fellow BSD-lovers. As the topic suggests, iam trying to get the Intel Wireless AC9462 running on my freshly installed 13.0-CURRENT. Iam using the iwm driver with the newly added support for AC 946X. Unfortunately, the driver doesn't detect the PCI device. According to the...
  19. mercurius

    Broadcom 4313 in FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE

    I am trying to make it working. I found this post https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/is-it-possible-to-use-the-broadcom-bcm4313.26616/ and did everything as written there (found Windows driver, used ndisgen and rebuilt ndis module with the patch), but I still have kernel panics when I try to...
  20. C

    wpa_supplicant.conf not being processed from rc.conf

    If I reboot and "service netif restart", my RTL8192CU will connect to a random available network, but will not get an IP address. It seems to not be looking at wpa_supplicant.conf. If I reboot and do "wpa_supplicant -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf", I will connect to the network specified...