1. djbon2112

    Poor performance in one direction via Wireguard tunnel

    Preface I'm posting this in the Networking forum, though it could possibly be more valid in the Firewall forum. Moderators please move if required. Executive Summary I'm having an issue with very poor performance in one particular direction through a Wireguard tunnel between two FreeBSD 13.1...
  2. Vovas

    PF Enabling pfno IP address found for wg0:network

    Hi mates! During the boot my FreeBSD box start PF earlier than wg0 interface creates. Enabling pfno IP address found for wg0:network /etc/pf.conf:5: could not parse host specification pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded /etc/rc: WARNING: Unable to load /etc/pf.conf. . [#]...
  3. dvl@

    Solved Can't get NAT working with pf on FreeBSD 13.1

    I'm trying to get NAT working in my basement. NAT is running fine on my gateway, but this is another situation. In this post, I'm trying to mix in enough detail without overloading. EDIT: I did get the NAT working. In the end, I did not use it. I have a network in the basement...
  4. unInstance

    13.1 Wireguard client configuration; no internet

    I run FreeBSD 13.1 RELEASE on my RPi 3 Model B+. I want to set up Wireguard client on it, so I have installed wireguard from pkg. To run the client, I use wg-quick up /path/to/config. The command gives out no errors, I can access local hosts, but I cannot access the Internet. I believe this is a...
  5. tenq

    Solved 13.1-RELEASE arm64 rpi3b+ wireguard after upgrade

    After upgrade to 13.1-RELEASE from 13.0-RELEASE-p11 at raspberry pi 3b+ wireguard kernel module or routing after wg interface is coming up doing strange thing. it defines route to wireguard server's ip address via ip address bound to wg interface, that is really strange. Removing wireguard...
  6. thecodechemist

    Wireguard in iocage jail: Failed to create TUN device: open /dev/tun: no such file or directory

    Hi, I'm having issues with running wireguard in an iocage jail on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p10. The weird thing is, I also had issues with this on my TrueNAS Core system (12.2-RELEASE-p15), but after enabling the allow_tun option for the jail it now runs just fine there. Here's some config data...
  7. alfa

    Weird WireGuard Static Port Problem

    Hi, i have site to site Wireguard vpn both client and server have static port first connection with this configuration successfully initiates. But when PPPOE connection gone (default route also removing from route table) and reestablished wireguard server never connect anymore with client port...
  8. sidetone

    Ars Technica article focused on Wireguard regarding FreeBSD

    https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/03/buffer-overruns-license-violations-and-bad-code-freebsd-13s-close-call/ This article is kind of negative, but I don't know what to make of it. The title says it's about FreeBSD, but it's really focused on something related to Wireguard for criticisms of...
  9. V

    PF Route jail data through wireguard

    I have successfully set up a jail following genneko's notes on setting up a jail in FreeBSD. However after installing and enabling Wireguard every single boot time, my jail has no network. I modified genneko's jails into making one jail by the way. Here's how my set up is looking at the moment...
  10. Moviuro

    WireGuard peers can't reach each other on IPv6

    Hi all, Since 2018 I have a FreeBSD server acting as a WireGuard "server". This server has an IPv6 tunnel, courtesy of Hurricane Electric (https://tunnelbroker.net) and I have successfully distributed those IPv6 addresses to the VPN peers, so they now live in the future. Every single one of...
  11. S

    Wireguard installation

    Hello! I would like to ask, how can I install wireguard on my FreeBSD machine? Yea I know this sounds pretty bad, but I'm a noob and just started with FreeBSD. I found a tutorial on the official wireguard webpage (https://www.wireguard.com/quickstart/), but still don't know how. There was a...
  12. X

    PF pf and fib routing for wireguard

    I use the net/wireguard port for my VPN needs but have a problem if I want to connect to the same IP as the endpoint through the tunnel, because a static route is automatically added for obvious reasons to send this traffic directly rather than through the VPN. Now one way around this is to use...
  13. D

    Solved Wireguard setup (with PF problems)

    Hi there, I'm sort of a new user with FreeBSD, so please excuse me if you see some glaring error in my thinking/configs (I'm a Linux admin so there are differences I'm counting on). :) So here is my problem - I would like to set up Wireguard on FreeBSD 12, which is mostly done, I think, the...
  14. manas

    Wireguard creates multiple tmp.* directories in /

    ls -dF tmp.* tmp.0jLQrTxT/ tmp.48Hn2zt3/ tmp.cevzbU2X/ tmp.F67EtA7D/...
  15. manas

    Wireguard and Mutiple FIBs - Undrestroyable Interface

    I have been testing Wireguard on FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE and ran into a problem. The issue seems to occur when a Wireguard interface is brought online on a specific routing table with setfib 1 wg-quick up wg0 If this routing table doesn't have a default route defined, the interface and the...
  16. rigoletto@

    zinc: Introduce minimal cryptography library

    zinc: Introduce minimal cryptography library See HERE.