1. I

    Networking card (10g ethernet and wi-fi 6e) compatibility

    I'm trying to find out if these 2 networking cards are compatible with FreeBSD. Specifically, I need bhyve to "passthru" them into a guest VM (either FreeBSD or OpenBSD). 10G Ethernet card Wi-fi 6E card I went through the hardware list and found something "TP-Link" but it does not state the...
  2. Scribner

    No wireless networks were found. Rescan?

    Help! I am trying to reinstall FreeBSD and am getting the following message when scanning for wireless access points: "No wireless networks were found. Rescan?" I am close to my Wi-Fi router and the network is up. In my previous two installs, many wireless networks in the area always appeared...
  3. Lars Skogstad

    Is it supported? Realtek RTL8822BE - Wi-Fi 2x2 802.11ac + BT4.1, M.2 card

    Anyone knows if this is supported? Running a Lenovo T470 with Intel atm, but seems to be a bit slow. Noticed that they have whitelisted the Realtek card below, not sure if it would work better or not at all with FreeBSD. Realtek RTL8822BE - Wi-Fi 2x2 802.11ac + BT4.1, M.2 card Could it work...
  4. Lars Skogstad

    Suggestions for a recommended wlan card/usb-adapter on a Thinkpad T470 laptop.

    I have been searching a lot for a recommended wi-fi card, usb or internal works either way. Ive got the default wifi card which uses the iwm(4) but I know that it doesn't support higher speeds. I see people recommending the Atheros cards but which one? Is it recommended buying a USB-adapter...
  5. B

    What about Wi-Fi Direct?

    Is it possible to configure FreeBSD to make the machine pairable with Wi-Fi Direct compliant devices or, perhaps, implement it right away? The Handbook has no mention of Wi-Fi Direct, meanwhile it may be useful for FreeBSD laptop enthusiasts like me.
  6. poorandunlucky

    Wireless adapter not detected

    I also have this issue where my wireless adapter and Bluetooth radio aren't detected by the operating system... It's the stock interface from a Dell Precision M6500, it's made by Broadcom... I tried loading a bunch of drivers, but I never got any kind of feedback on it... I normally run...
  7. kuroneko

    Solved No internet access after install (I had it while installing)

    So I just installed FreeBSD in Dual Boot with Windows 10 and everything was fine during the install and during the install it downloaded the files it needed I have a wi-fi connection by the way. I looked at wpa_supplicant.conf and everything was right and I look at resolv.conf and here is what I...
  8. J

    I need instructions to use urtwn firmware in TL-WN725N

    Hello. I am new here, in FreeBSD. English isn't my first language, so, please, be patient. I have a TL-WN725N device. When I use the urtwn firmware in OpenBSD, I only need to do this: # ifconfig urtwn0 nwid WI-FI-INTERFACE wpakey PASSWORD # dhclient urtwn0 (It could be "nwkey" instead...